Jones P-101 Connector

Allan Tyson bigaltyson at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Sep 20 23:03:13 EDT 2004

Stll looking for a Jones P-101 1/4" connector as used for the RF out
connector on the Harvey Wells TS 90 Transmitter. It is NOT a Cinch-Jones
rectangular connector but a round RF coax connector similar to the current
PL 259 ( has a round threaded locking ring, a single center conductor Pin
which is a stepped down design with a larger barrel that steps down to the
center pin which protrudes beyond the locking ring 1/2", the shell is the
ground ). The locking ring is slightly smaller in diameter than a PL 259.
 It was manufactured by the Howard P Jones Co of Chicago and probably
obsolete by the time Harvey Wells used it on the TS 90.
 It aws also used on some WW2 Military Radio Equipt ( am advised the BC
1023, BC 1033 and BC 1333 marker beacons ) as the PL 219 connector.
 Would appreciate any help in locating one as I don't want to modify the TS
90 by changing the Jones Connector to a SO 239 unless absolutely necessary (
I suspect that this was commonly done due to the unavailability of the P-101
Plug ).
 Also still looking for a Harvey Wells APS 90 Power Supply.
 Al Ty

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