EICO 720 Transmitter.......Anyone ever use one of these??????

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun Sep 26 21:29:37 EDT 2004

The Eico is like many of the transmitters that were
"aimed" at the Novice Class licensee back in the late
1950s and early 1960s in that it is CW only.  You need
an external modulator to use the transmitter on AM.
Eico made a companion plate modulator that basically
"plugged into" the back of the transmitter.

Without the companion modulator you have a very good
CW rig.

Eico also made a separate VFO that was basically
designed for the 720.

By the way, if you look very close in some of the
early Andy Griffith TV shows you will see an Eico 720
sitting in the Sheriff's Office as a "prop" for the
department's two-way radio system.  The later shows
switched to a Motorola unit.  I never could tell if
the Motorola unit was a tube-type consolette or a
T-1200 series remote.  They used the same front panel
and control layout.  You would have to see the back of
the unit to tell the difference.  The T-1200 had
basically an open back with a panel across whereas the
consolette had a solid cabinet with a perforated back.

Getting back to the 720:  One of the principle things
is that many 720 units have had the copper plating get
very corroded.  Other than that, the primary things to
look out for are like any "boat anchor" equipment and
those are paper capacitors and electrolytic

Glen, K9STH

--- Robert Ross <va3sw at ROGERS.COM> wrote:

I do not have the Manual for this yet.....so don't
know much about it...except that it's supposed to be
90 Watts CW and AM????

Is it possible to hook a Microphone directly to the
Rig??? I see there is a Plug on the Back of the
Transmitter that says "Modulator"......Do I need
something in between the Mic  and the Transmitter...or
can a Mic just be wired to that plug and away we go???

Glen, K9STH

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