6L6 Transmitter Article in CQ Magazine

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Sep 30 19:13:04 EDT 2004

If anyone follows Dave Ingram's column in CQ Magazine,
he has a great article about an old style 6L6 transmitter
and lists me as a source for the crystals...

The article is on Page 54 of the October 2004 issue,
"6L6 RESURRECTION - 2004 STYLE" by Dave Ingram K4TWJ

I just got the magazine and it looks like a neat old
one tube rig. He has tried it out using my crystals on
30m CW and had great results.

What's really unusual is the COIL design. Just wait
until you see THAT part!

You can find my FT243 crystals for 30m and all of the
other ham bands at:


73 de AF4K, Brian

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