Questionon isolation transformers

Ted Bruce kilocycles at YAHOO.COM
Wed Apr 13 10:44:28 EDT 2005

What differentiates isolation transformers from other
types?  If I were to use, say a 110VAC to 12.6 VAC and
connect that to a reversed 12.6 VAC to 110 VAC, would
that combination qualify as an isolation transformer,
functionally?  I've been thinking of doing a back to
back transformer in an S-38B that Ive restored.

The schematics I've seen of isolation transformers
don't look like this (a regular transformer):

---\  |  /---
   /  |  \
   \  |  /
---/  |  \---

Hmm, actually that's pretty pathetic; nothing looks
like that.  Anyway, the isolation transformer
schematics have a common winding, or something; I
can't recall exactly.

Ted  KX4OM

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