6m AM Nets

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Fri Apr 22 05:06:57 EDT 2005

50 MHz Meter AM is ALIVE!

Here is my listing of 6m AM Nets. Can anyone verify these?
Can anyone ADD to the listings?

Your help would be appreciated.

Most of the AM activity centers on 50.400 MHz
50 MHz is a great band... use it or lose it!

All these nets are in the AM mode on 6M!

  SCV AM net SCV,CA  Sunday Morning  kc6wfs 09:00 PM PST   50.400 
  So. Cal 6m Club    Sunday morning         10:00 AM PT    50.400
  Toledo, Ohio       Sunday Nights          18:00 AM EST   50.360
  Sacramento, CA     Sunday Nights  w6pjj   19:00 PM PST   50.400
  Media PA           Sunday Nights          21:00 PM EST   50.550
  Wadsworth, Ohio    Sunday morning         10:00 AM ET    50.550 
  Northwest AM Net   Sundays and Wednesdays 18:00 PM PT    50.400 
  Washington, DC     Sundays                09:00 AM ET    50.400
  Arizona AM Net     Saturdays              20:00 PM MT    50.400
  Mass/Cape Cod      Saturdays              08:00 AM ET    50.400 
  Orlando FL         Tuesday nights         20:00 PM Local 50.400 
  Moline Il          Tuesday nights  wc9m   20:00 PM CT    50.400 
  Fort Wayne Ind     Every Evening!         19:00 PM EST   50.580        

Here is a few informal 6M AM "chat" type NETS.
Albany, NY         Nightly                8:00 PM ET  50.400

Updated listings can be found at:

Northern PA        Saturday Nights        8:00 PM EST 50.400

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