Bathtub capacitors.

Brian Goldsmith brian.goldsmith at ECHO1.COM.AU
Sat Aug 6 05:53:47 EDT 2005

Grettings to all.
Some time ago, I came across a large number of ex equipment one,two and
three section bathtub capacitors at the best possible price-free!! :-)
  I needed a 3 X .05uF  600 Volt bathtub for my AR88 and found one in the
junk box with the intention of gutting it and fitting three modern polyester
caps into the case.Out of curiousity,I pulled out the high voltage megohm
meter and checked each section of the used bathtub.Suprise,surprise,over
2000 megohms resistance @ the rated 600volts.Not only on the first
section,the other two as well!!! Capacitance checks out OK. I found many
others,2 X.1uF and 3X .22uF etc. and these were also in excellent
condition.I know the common failure mode is for the seals to shrink and let
the oil escape (and thereby gumming up large areas of chassis) but have not
tested non oil leaking caps for electrical leakage.I gutted a 2 X .05 to
examine the dielectric which was,as expected,paper.
  What experience of these much maligned caps has any other member had?

Brian Goldsmith.

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