FS: Yaesu FT 101B - vry good rig

doc kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Fri Aug 12 01:43:06 EDT 2005

YAESU FT 101B.  160 through 10 meters, hot receiver.

In very good condition for its age.  Would rank it about an 7.5 -
8 on the 10 scale.

Usual nicks to the paint one would expect in a rig this old.  Minor
dent at lower rear corner.  (Pictures on request.)  Info here:

Bought it operating 100% but have only used it on receive due to
antenna problems at new QTH. (Nothing proper up yet!)

Includes power cord, supply is built in (don't have the DC
cord for mobile but it is designed with the DC supply as well,
also, I will include an Alinco mic that will need to re-wired)

I like the rig, just don't like lugging it and for the next few months
will have to move it many times as the radio room gets occasional 
moments in the settling-in process.

Only asking what I have in it, the $190. (what I paid incl. shipping)
plus actual shipping to you (no packing costs added).

Prior owner wrote "Would rank the receive right up there with the ft-757
or the ts-520. Those familiar with it know it also has 11 meters from when
we had that band. This is a good HF rig folks....   As I said, I've had in
on the air and have received good reports."

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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