Hint #26 Paper Labels

Charles W. Morehouse w4gbw at BELLSOUTH.NET
Sun Aug 14 04:32:20 EDT 2005

Hi Folks,
During my Heathkit restorations, have run across those paper labels such 
as on the Mohawk, Apache, SB-10, and SP-2A pre amp and others.
After 40 years you need a jackhammer to get them off.  Not so!  Have 
found a nifty way to get them off.  Get the label level.  Coat it with 
cooking oil.
Any oil of your taste should do.  I used corn oil.  Let sit overnight.  
Use a plastic scraper with a snow plow motion and it will come off with 
no damage to the surface.
Use some dish detergent to remove the oil.  Now there are replacement 
labels available from several sources.  I have had success with this method.
Before you remove the label, go to Home Depot or such and make the best 
X2 copy that they can do.  Take the copy home and use whiteout to 
lighten the brown areas.  Careful work with a black ball point can 
restore the label.  Go back to the Home Depot and have them make  a 1/2 
size copy on self stick label paper.
You can cut and copy over to make as many on one sheet as you want.  
Spray the completed sheet with a light coat of clear lacquer.  Cut out 
and stick on.
You can also create labels on the computer .  Take your printout and 
have them copy on label paper.  Luck and 73.

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