BC-699-D Help & Manuals Needed(TM-11-625, TM-11-4058)

paul hendershott pjhender2002 at YAHOO.COM
Sun Aug 14 22:39:44 EDT 2005

Hi Folks - I recently stumbled upon a very dusty and possibly never used /Signal Corps Hallicrafters BC-669-D. This unit operates AM in the 1.68MHZ - 4.45MHZ. The receiver is VFO or Crystal controlled and can be operated with a 12VDC battery if the dynomotor is not running. The Transmitter puts out 40-45watts, is only crystal contolled, and requires the PE-110 and +280V for operation. 
I was looking for a copy of the manuals ( TM 11-625 and TM 11-4058) for this "D" version. I can only find version's A, B, & C available. I suspect that they are almost identical, but am not sure. 
In addition to the manuals, the unit requires a microphone and 2 dynomotors. One for 12/24V which included a 12V storage battery(PE-108) and a second +280V (PE-110). I would be interested if anyone has these relics or power supply capable of running this set that they wouldn't mind parting with.
Thanks for your help! I would welcome any tips you might have and additional information on this set and pictures you might have showing this rig in operation!

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