UPS et al

Thu Aug 18 06:11:14 EDT 2005

The problem is many private individuals (like many you buy radios from and 
have them shipped to you) simply do not know (or don't care) what the package 
will have to endure throughout the process and what constitutes good damage 
preventative packing. Folks assume the driver is going to hand carry it for 
preferential treatment through the entire process I guess. If you pack to survive 
being thrown down a flight of stairs you will probably be OK. Fact is when you 
buy an electronic item or microwave oven today the box it came in and the 
packing inside has been well planned and designed by engineers for protection of 
finished surfaces, distribution of forces and energy absorption to successfully 
handle those same stresses and loads. When we ask someone to ship a radio to 
us no engineer is involved in the packing in most cases. I would never expect 
to receive an SX-88 or similarly valued item unscathed if I were you. You 
should plan to get in your car, bite the bullet and just go get it if you don't 
want to get involved with smashed knobs, bent controls, broken dial glass and 
bent twisted cabinets, etc. No offense intended.

Regards, Greg

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