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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Thu Aug 18 11:27:42 EDT 2005

However, things like microwave ovens, etc. (consumer
items), are rarely shipped by UPS (at least on a
comparative basis).  They generally go by motor
freight to large distribution warehouses (like those
owned by WalMart, Target, etc.) and then are reloaded
on company owned vehicles for delivery to the retail
stores.  Even those that are delivered to small retail
operations are generally delivered by motor freight or
vehicles owned by the wholesaler.

I definitely would like to see some microwave ovens
shipped through the UPS Mesquite, Texas, hub.  I doubt
very seriously that they would, in general, survive
without some damage.

Now, I do agree that if you are purchasing a fairly
rare item (i.e. SX-88) that you have to be VERY
careful in choosing the carrier.  Going and getting it
yourself is definitely a viable alternative to using
one of the "express companies".

Glen, K9STH

Fact is when you buy an electronic item or microwave
oven today the box it came in and the packing inside
has been well planned and designed by engineers for
protection of finished surfaces, distribution of
forces and energy absorption to successfully handle
those same stresses and loads.

Glen, K9STH

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