Collins 30L-1 and Heath SB-200 wanted

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Aug 29 16:40:25 EDT 2005

Trade for Collins 30L-1.  Also want Heath SB-200 (not
201, 220, or 221).  SB-200 is to complete re-creation
of my 3rd prmary station from 1967 (Heath SB-301,
SB-401, and SB-200 - have all but SB-200).

Have brand new Amprex 3-1000Z, virtually brand new
Eimac 3-1000Z (was "tested" in commercial unit for
about 2 hours then removed), and 2 each Jennings
vacuum variables 20 to 500 pf, 15 KV, with mounting
brackets and ceramic adapter from the 3/8 inch
diameter shaft on the variables to "normal" 1/4 inch
diameter shaft.  Vacuum variables are used but in
excellent condition.

Linears need to be electrically sound including good
tubes with good or better front panels.  Cabinets can
need repainting but no extra holes, major "dents",

Am on "fixed" income (disability) so trade only.  

Glen, K9STH

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