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Wed Aug 31 16:20:26 EDT 2005

Fellow Anchorites
This is for a fellow restorer up in Akron, Ohio. He has just finished a "scarce", collectable Anritsu RG52A, 100kc - 35mc. an Rx I have never seen one before. I  understand it is very sought after, top of line SS & he has the memory unit (push button) which means it remembers every freq programmed w/ a push of a button, every band. This is a gen coverage rx, ssb, am, cw w/ .5kc, 3kc, 6kc bandwidths available. This is a very clean, almost perfect rx. Made sometime back approx. '85. His asking price $3500. + shipping. He has pics if you want to see it. I'm going to view this radio even though there is no way I can afford it, hi! His email is: be-a-ham at sbcglobal.net His handle is Steve, WA8GLE. He will answer any questions you have. 
Best 73

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