FS: Swan 350, Tempo 2020 Xcvrs

Al Parker anchor at EC.RR.COM
Wed Dec 7 13:41:40 EST 2005

Hi folks,
    I have 2 transceivers for sale, both have been checked out, repaired
as necessary, aligned, and used on the air by me recently.  Both are
cosmetically  nice, and include original manuals, shipping is extra.
    Pictures may be viewed at:

1.  Swan 350  with power supply/speaker.  The front panel has no scratches
or dings.  Only minor nicks on the covers of both units.  I have replaced
all electrolytics in the 117XC power supply.  I have loaded it up to 400ma
final plate current on all bands, and see 250+ watts on my Bird 43 (250w
slug).  I know that it will load up higher, and have seen the 300w scale
on my antenna tuner pegged, using its dummy load, but I hesitate to load
these things up as much as they say is possible.  I have had good reports
on 40 & 20m SSB with it recently, the receiver seems quite sensitive.
  Price $250 plus shipping from 28560, 2 boxes approx 25 lbs each.

2.  Tempo 2020  with orig. microphone.   The front panel has no scratches
or dings, similarly the top cover.  This rig was manufactured by Uniden,
and is very solid, abt 40 lbs.  It can operate from 120vac or 13vdc with
the inside p.s.  They were introduced by Henry Radio in the 70's at about
the same time as the KW TS-520 & Yaesu FT-101.  They all used just 3
tubes, the driver & 2 finals.  The Tempo has a pair of 6146B's, the TS-520
used 6146 (or the Jap. equiv.), the FT-101 used sweep tube fnals.  I have
owned a TS-520, and think the Tempo 2020 is a better made rig.  I can get
over 100 watts out, as indicated on the Bird 43, on all bands, into a
dummy load.  I have used it on both 40 & 20m recently, with  good reports.
  Price $225 plus shipping from 28560, 1 box approx 50 lbs total.

Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
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