Coax "transfer" switch and other coax switches FS

Sat Dec 10 12:44:54 EST 2005

For Sale:

B & W 551 A "Transfer" Coax Switch
This switch is designed to switch an auxiliary piece of
equipment in and out (For example, bypass a linear
amplifier, transverter, preamp, etc.).  It has four SO-239
I have two available.  One is still in its original box, with
the original paper work, and appears unused.  $45
The second is in good shape, but not in the box.  $40.

Other coaxial antenna switches for sale:

B & W Model CS-6 G (595) coax switch 
This is the switch that is in a rectangular box about 9
inches long, with seven SO-239 connectors coming out
of the back.  It will switch 6 antennas, grounding the
antennas that are not in use. It works fine and is in
good shape. $ 45 

B & W Model 593 coax switch
This is like the CS-6G above, but for only three antennas.
The rectangular box is only about 5 inches long, with four
SO-239 connectors out the back.  Good shape for $30.

B & W Model 550 G coax switch
This model will switch up to 5 antennas, and DOES
ground unused antennas.  It has SO-239 connectors
on the sides, with the coax coming out like spokes of 
a wheel. It is in good condition and works fine.  
Mounting bracket is included for $ 30.

Waters (B&W) 335 coax switch
This is basically the same as the B & W Model 375 
coax switch, except the unused antennas are NOT 
grounded. This will switch up to 6 antennas, has 7
SO-239 connectors, with the coax going out the back.
This one is good condition, and works fine.  $ 38 

MFJ 1702, Two position Coax switch
Actually, the switch has 3 positions.  One for each of
the 2 antennas, and a third to ground both antennas.
Constant impedance type design in heavy die cast
enclosure.  Like new.  $20

2 position coax switch
These are a bit odd.  They look close to what a Dow Key
antenna relay looks like, but no relay coil to switch.  It is a
manual switch instead.  There is a SO-239 connector at the
top coming out of each side, with the common at the bottom.
In the middle is a bar that slides back and forth to select the
antenna.  It is in a very rugged sealed metal box.  Three
switches available for $18 each.

Workman CX-3,  3 position Coax Switch
This is in a small rectangular box, with the 3 switched 
SO-239 connectors coming out the rear, and the 
common coming out the front. Unused positions are 
NOT grounded.  Rated at 1000 watts.  It is in very nice 
condition for $ 12.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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