Final solution on MINERAL OIL

van lincoln vlincoln at EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Dec 22 01:20:28 EST 2005

could it be the  'public utilities department maint. shop?'

van wd8aam

At 10:33 PM 12/21/2005 -0500, Brian Carling wrote:
>I bet I am not the only one wondering about this one....
>What is a "P.U.D. maintenece shop?"
>On 19 Dec 2005 at 7:50, FRED HOLNAGEL wrote:
>> Well gang, my worry about using my cantenna is to find an empty spot if 
>possible or any spot on the band and weigh the key down with a lead
weight. Try not to stay on one spot for too long!  
>Seriously, try your local P.U.D. maintenece shop. This worked for me in
Seattle once. Gave me all I wanted free. Fred W7PRV

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