Two questions

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Fri Dec 23 11:12:54 EST 2005

Everyone is allowed basic access to  There
have been certain individuals banned from being able
to post in the forums for repeatedly breaking the
rules of the road:

No profanity

No obscenities

No personal attacks

However, even those people can still read the forums
and use the callsign lookup.  As for using the site
too many times, that just doesn't happen.  There are
people who access the site numerous times per day.

The thing that causes the most problems is the
computer that is being used by the individual trying
to check in.  You definitely need to empty your
temporary Internet files, you need to reset your
router if you are using one, and if that fails you
need to check and see if your ISP is doing something
to block

There have been some "glitches" in Ikonoboard (the
software that runs the site) in terms of not letting
someone post to the forums.  But, there is nothing in
Ikonoboard that blocks particular people from being
able to access the home page.

You can contact either of these persons by E-Mail to
see if they can help you:

aa7bq at or editor at

Make sure and put the word "callsign" as part of the
subject so that the message will definitely make it
through their SPAM filters.

Glen, K9STH
One of the moderators

--- Stu Lyon <w6cux at EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:

Several have set me the link to but, starting
a couple of days ago, I haven't been able to bring
them up. I have tried on a couple of computers and
using both Internet Exployer and Mozilla FireFox. I've
beginning to think they have black-balled me for using
them so often.

Glen, K9STH

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