Heath DX60 Net Survey

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Wed Dec 28 20:39:18 EST 2005

Hello guys - pleas let me know what you think about our starting a 

This would be a group primarily focussed on OPERATING an on-
air net rather than just another e-mail group.
I would most likely set up an internet group in SUPPORT of the 
It would feature the possibility of making contacts on 75m and 
40m AM regularly with other like-mided users running DX60, 
DX40 and DX35 transmitters among others.

It would NOT be restricted to these Heath rigs but would primarily 
focus on the DX60 like the group up in Michigan does.
If you are enthusiastic about these wonderful old rigs why not 
become more active with us?

Activities would be on the weekends when the most folks are free.
We would need 4 or 5 really committed stations to be there 
every week to make it happen.

I am game if anyone else wants to help.

We already have interested stations in Lousiana, Florida and 

Would you participate? Even occasionally?
I need to gauge the level of interest, so please drop me an e-mail if 
you would enjoythis.

Brian, AF4K
Orlando, FL

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