Fw: Heathkit Crystal Rcvr CR-1

Jim Hill Jim2_w6ivw at COX.NET
Sat Feb 5 12:42:41 EST 2005

Hi:  Big bucks is correct, they sell on ebay for high prices.  It's a 
little like finding a cheap SX-88 or KW-1, very unlikely.  However the 
current issue of the Xtal Set Society newsletter includes an article on 
building replicas.  A subscription costs $12.95/year.  Send to Xtal Set 
Society,  P.O. Box 1625,  Norman OK 73070-1625.  Ask for the subscription 
to start with the November 2004 issue, Vol 14, No. 6.  (It's not a monthly 
publication).  Since he is not on-line, the newsletter would be a good link 
to other crystal set enthusiasts
73's Jim

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>Well, the VSS list has disappeared, my msg just bounced.  So, it's not
>exactly a boatanchor, but maybe at least it's vintage ---
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>Subject: wtd: Heathkit Crystal Rcvr CR-1
> > Hi folks,
> >     A local club member who's not "on-line" asked me to see if I could
> > locate one of these Heath Crystal sets.  He'd like an un-built one, but
> > told him he probably wouldn't like the price.  He's technically
> > and would probably rebuild a wired one to make it pretty and of his own
> > handiwork.  He knows of the various sources of parts, plans, etc, for
> > crystal sets, and may go that way also, but if you have or know of a
> > that could have a new home, I'll fwd any email responses by fone to him,
> > Sonny, W3ADD.
> > tnx, 73,
> > Al, W8UT
> > New Bern, NC
> > BoatAnchors appreciated here
> > http://www.thecompendium.net/radio/
> > http://www.hammarlund.info
> >
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