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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun Feb 6 21:58:17 EST 2005

I have two "sets" of parts to get someone started on a
linear that will easily do the full legal limit. 
These consist of a 3-1000Z tube, a Jennings
CVDD-500-15N613 vacuum variable (20 - 500 pf, 15,000
working volts), and a UDS 1000 pf maximum capacitance.
 Use the vacuum variable for the plate tuning and the
UDS for the antenna tuning on a pi-network.  The
Jennings units do have a ceramic coupling from the 1/2
inch diameter shaft on the variable and a "normal" 1/4
inch diameter shaft.  Also, they have a mounting plate
on the front of the assembly (they do not come from
the factory with this).

One 3-1000Z is a brand new, still in original box,
Amperex and the other is a very slightly used Eimac. 
Both have original type shipping boxes.

I do know what the 3-1000Z and the Jennings vacuum
variable are "going for" from various sources (such as
Fair Radio and Peter Dahl as well as companies selling
tubes) so please don't E-Mail me telling how
"unreasonable" what I want for either set is.  I do
not intend on "giving them away".

I will trade either set of parts for an excellent
condition Collins 75A1 or an excellent condition
Collins 30L-1 (round or winged emblem, doesn't matter
to me).  I might be interested in something of equal
value but definitely nothing with transistors!

I can E-Mail photos to anyone who is interested.

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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