WTB Specific Coil Form by Insuline Corp of America

Freeberg, Scott (STP) Scott.Freeberg at GUIDANT.COM
Thu Feb 10 09:57:16 EST 2005

On a really really long shot, I'm looking to buy some vintage coil forms made by "Insuline Corporation of America", "High Q" coil forms.

Oh crap I forgot to check number of pins :))))))  4 or 5 I suppose.  I'll check.

I recently bought a Gross CW-25 transmitter from 1935. It came with a 40 meter set and I would like to find the exact same coil forms and make an 80 meter set.  Yep I would use the same type of green cotton covered wire, AND I would scan the 40 meter coil label, tweak it to 80, and print out a reproduction for 80 meters.

I'd be looking to buy 6 forms, 3 for 80 meters, 3 for 20 meters.

Thanks for checking.
73, Scott WA9WFA

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