FS: Vacuum Tube and Radio Related Books (Part 1)

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     I have the following books related to radio and vacuum tubes for sale.
Shipping costs for USPS media mail are $3.50 for the first book and $1.50
for each additional book.  Some books will require additional postage due to
their weight and are noted as such.  I cannot accept PayPal as I have
cancelled my account with them due to the amount of fraud, phishing, and
spoofs that have been taking place.  Cheques, money oreders, and green


Albert, Arthur Lemuel
Electronics and Electron Devices
3rd ed., Macmillan, 1956, cloth, VG-/-, $15.00
This text was the last in a long series of books authored by A.L. Albert,
and contains a couple of chapters on semiconductors and transistors, but is
still predominantly oriented towards vacuum tubes.  There is a very slight
amount of pencil underlining in the first 100 pages, but otherwise the
interior is clean.  Owner's address label removed fom FFEP, cover has foxing
and slight wear overall, worn through slightly at lower corners.

Boyce, William F. and Joseph J. Roche
Radio Data Handbook
1st ed., Boland and Boyce, 1948, flexible handbook binding, G-/-, $10.00
No markings on pages.  Front and rear hinges torn inside, but binding is
intact and not separated from block.  This is an interesting handbook filled
with vacuum tube data, as well as sections on antennas, test equipment,
amplifiers, radio, and over 200 pages on  basic vacuum tube circuitry.  A
collector's item in fairly good condition.

Clarke, K.K. and D.T. Hess
Communication Circuits: Analysis and Design
Addison-Wesley, 1971, cloth, G+/-. $40.00
Slight wear to cover corners and spine ends, owner's name on FFEP, some
occasional underlining and notes in first half.  A substantial text on the
design of linear circuitry including chapters on transformers, oscillators,
RF/IF amplifiers, and power amplifiers.  Currently being reprinted for
around $100.

Dawley, R.L.
Radio Handbook
12th ed.,  Editors and Engineers, 1949, hbk, G-/-, $15.00
Moderate wear overall, with moderate wear to spine ends and cover corners.
No markings found on pages.  This is a substantial book and is very  similar
to the Radio Amateur's Handbook in many ways.

Goldsmith, Alfred N. (ed.)
Frequency Modulation, Vol. 1
Radio Corporation of America, 1948, cloth, VG-/-, $20.00
Owner's name inside FC, short set of notes on FFEP, otherwise no markings to
be found.  Cover and spine show moderate wear, such as bumped corners and
ends, slight foxing mostly to rear cover, rear cover worn through at lower
corner tip and hinge bottom. Spine faded from exposure to light.  This is a
wonderful book consisting of reprints of papers showing the very early
beginnings of FM communication.

Graeme, Jerald G.
Applications of Operational Amplifiers: Third-Generation Techniques
McGraw-Hill, 1973, hbk, G+/-, $7.50
Slight wear and smudging to covers and spine.  Owner's name insdie FC.  No
markings on pages.  A very good reference for the design of circuitry
employing operational amplifiers.

Henney, Keith
Principles of Radio
5th ed., Wiley, 1952, cloth, G+/-, $7.50
This is a very clean copy, having no markings on pages.  Covers all aspects
of radio receivers from the antenna to the audio output amplifier and
everything in between.  Spine ends and cover corners bumped.

Henney, Keith (ed)
Radio Engineering Handbook
3rd ed., McGraw-Hill, 1941, flexible handbook, G+/-, $7.50
No internal markings found.  Cover shows very slight wear around edges,
primarily cover corners and spine bottom.  This book was one of the most
heavily used for instruction during the second world war, and ranks right
alongside Terman's similar work.  A reasonably clean copy.

Hund, August
Frequency Modulation
McGraw-Hill, 1942, cloth, VG-/-, $5.00
No internal markings.  Cover and spine have slight wear to extremities and
edges, but not worn through.  A nice copy of one of the earliest texts on
frequency modulation.



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