FS: Vacuum Tube and Radio Related Books (Part 3)

Chris Trask christrask at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Feb 13 20:39:07 EST 2005

     I have the following books related to radio and vacuum tubes for sale.
Shipping costs for USPS media mail are $3.50 for the first book and $1.50
for each additional book.  Some books will require additional postage due to
their weight and are noted as such.  I cannot accept PayPal as I have
cancelled my account with them due to the amount of fraud, phishing, and
spoofs that have been taking place.  Cheques, money oreders, and green


Orr, William I. (ed)
Radio Handbook, 16th ed.
Editors and Engineers, 1967, hbk, VG/-, $17.50
Minor wear overall, small blemish on front cover, nomarkings found inside.
This is a substantial book and is very similar to the Radio Amateur's
Handbook in many ways and is very clean. This is a heavy book and will
require extra postage.

Polydoroff, W.J.
High-Frequency Magnetic Materials: Their Characteristics and Principal
Wiley, 1960, cloth, XLIB, VG/-, $15.00
Usual library markings on title page, top and end of block.  No markings on
pages, very clean internally.  Call number on bottom of spine, slight
bumping to cover corners and spine ends, otherwise very clean externally.
This book is an essential reference, even if early, on the subject of
magnetic materials, both ferrite and powdered iron.  Includes chapters on
incremental permeability tuning and ferromagnetic loop antennas.

Romanowitz, H. Alex
Fundamentals of Semiconductor and Tube Electronics
Wiley, 1962, cloth, G/-, $5.00
Bookstore stamp on FFEP and inside back cover, otherwise clean internally.
Cover shows slight wear except with some  rubbing to bottom of spine and
cover corners.  This is a substantial textbook on vacuum tube circuit design
and theory, with minor emphasis on solid state diodes and transistors.  Nice
chapters on amplifier design.

Scroggie, M.G.
Foundations of Radio
6th ed., Iliffe & Sons, 1957, VG-/-, $15.00
Lettering on spine is faded from age and handling., pages slightly browned
from age, no markings found on pages.  Very nice reference from the last
days of vacuum tube technology.

Terman, F.E.
Electronic and Radio Engineering
4th ed., McGraw-Hill, 1955, cloth, VG/-. $20.00
hbk, VG/- with minor rubbing overall, no markings found on pages.  The last
of the series, this book is an absolute must for those interested in radio
and is exceptionally clean.

Terman, F.E.
Radio Engineers' Handbook
McGraw-Hill, 1943, cloth, G++/-, $25.00
Slight rubbing to cover edges and spine ends.  Owner's name inside front
cover.  No markings found on pages.  This is the green, hardbound version of
the all-time classic in radio.  Numerous chapters on circuit theory, vacuum
tubes, oscillators, modulators, transmitters, receivers, propagation, and

Westman, H.P. (ed)
Reference Data for Engineers
5th ed., ITT/Howard W. Sams, 1972, hbk, VG/F, $17.50
Minimal wear to spine and cover, inside is very clean with no markings to be
found.  Dustjacket has some tears, pieces missing along edges.  A great deal
of information on vacuum tubes, waveguides, transmission lines, scattering
parameters, filters, etc.  An essential reference. This is a heavy book and
will require extra postage.



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