Classic Exchange - Did it happen?

Larry Knapp kc8jx at YAHOO.COM
Tue Feb 15 13:41:10 EST 2005

Don - Yes the Classic Exchange was this weekend...actually Sunday to be exact. 
You did not mention which specific frequencies you were listening to.  There
was a lot of activity on CW; especially 40.

Normally the Classic Exchange is mainly a CW event.  Though there are some of
us who like vintage AM and SSB, the amount of activity on these modes is just
not as evident as there is on CW in the Classic Exchange.  I wish it were
otherwise and not sure exactly how to get more activity on SSB and AM.  Don't
give up...there is quite a bit of CX actity in the Norteast as well as other
parts of the country.

73, Larry KC8JX
--- "Schichler, Don" <don.schichler at PAETEC.COM> wrote:

> I thought this contest sounded like fun, and was looking forward to
> participating in it with my classic AM equipment.  I listened for a long time
> on all the suggested AM frequencies yesterday in the afternoon and evening,
> and never heard a thing referring to the "Classic Exchange".  Kind of
> dissapointing.  Evidently there isn't much interest in this sort of thing, at
> least not in the northeast part of the country.
> 73,
> Don K2FY

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