FS TUBES cleaning shelves

Dee C. Almquist w4pnt at HIGHSPEEDLINK.NET
Thu Feb 17 10:07:48 EST 2005

Morning Anchorites
I have a batch of tubes I want to sell all if I can. I have researched the going prices & reduced each of mine to be very attractive if you can use them. Most are NOS, all boxed, all have been checked @ some time for specs. Am asking $150 for everything. Will trade for Johnson cabs, Ranger power trans., etc.
The list:
3ea 815
1 WE 316A
3ea 15E
2ea 316H
2 or 3 Eimac 3C24G
8ea 50L6
1ea 8150
2ea 6012
4ea 6087 (5Y3WAB)
2ea 1619
1ea 1620 (6J7)
1ea 1624
1ea 1629 (used but good)
6ea 2050

Any interest?
73 es Dee

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