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Ken Simpson, W8EK KenW8EK at HOTPOP.COM
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Vintage ham radio related books for sale:

Allied's Radio Data Handbook
Most of us probably had some version of this book,
if we got into ham radio 40 or 50 years ago.  It contains
all sorts of diagrams, equations, list of interchangeable 
tubes, color codes, various nomographs for reactance,
and a lot of other things.
First edition - March 1945 - condition is close to new
         other than slight yellowing of the pages -  $15
Second edition - April 1958 - condition is close to
          new, but does have name in ink on it - $12

Howard Sams "Dial Cord Stinging Guide" DC-1
To quote the cover of the book, "Dial Cord
Diagrams covering most 1938 to 1947 receivers."
Copyright date of 1947.  It includes Hallicrafters,
National, Knight, and Lafayette, among many,
many others. This book is paperback, about
3/8 of an inch thick, and although there is a
very slight yellowing of the paper, it appears to be
almost like new.  Definitely collectible, as well as
valuable for the information it contains.  $ 20

Radio Operating - Questions and Answers
By J.L. Hornung - 7th edition - Copyright from
1928 thru 1952 - Primarily used for commercial
radio operators exams, but contains much valuable
information from the time.  Hardback book, about an
inch thick.  Book is in excellent condition, although
the dust cover is worn.  $12

Building the Amateur Radio Station by W2MDL and 
W2PIK.  2nd edition - Copyright 1957 and 1965 by
Rider Publishing.  It includes a lot of building information,
as well as basic electronics.  There are also pictures of 
RME, Gonset, Technical Material Corp., Hallicrafters,
Hammarlund, and other commercial rigs, but a lot of
home brew info.  Close to new condition.  $10

Wiring Simplified - 31st edition - 1959 to 1974
Not exactly ham info, but info for wiring a house.
It includes NEC info (of the time).  Nice shape.  $5

All about Cubical Quad Antennas by Bill Orr, W6SAI
3rd edition - 1982 - Just what a person needs to build
a Quad antenna.  Practical info, plus theory.
Like new.  $10

The Complete Dxer by Bib Locher, W9KNI
First edition - 1983 -   Everything the DXer needs to
know!  Good condition, except for a sticker on the
front of it has been removed.  $ 12

RSGB "Amateur Radio Operating Manual"
1991 - 3rd edition - like new - $ 12

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

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