Hallicrafters SR-150 meter

Sun Jan 23 12:12:46 EST 2005

Hi all,

Exactly a month ago I posted my request below:

"I recently acquired a Hallicrafters SR-150 transceiver, which I thought
would be a project radio.
To my surprise, the transceiver works fine, except the meter is dead.
Further checking the meter, I discovered that it's open. Short of trying to
have the meter repaired, another option is to try to find another meter.

So here is the question: Does anyone on the lists have a spare meter for the
SR-150 or a junker SR-150 (or an SR-160 for that matter) for sale?"

Thanks to all who replied and gave me suggestions regarding trying to fix
the meter.

Well, I opened the meter thinking it may be as simple as a disconnected wire
from one of the terminals.
I found that the top pivot of the movement - which is also the connection to
the moving coil from the body of the magnet which is connected to one of the
terminals - is missing completely. Not only that the moving coil is not
connected, it's also not moving freely as it has no pivot. The pivot is
nowhere to be found (I hoped maybe it just slipped out and it's rattling
inside the meter...) so the meter is "terminal" ;-(  .

Back to the drawing board: I still need a meter!

If I can't find an original SR-150/160 meter, the next thing is to look for
a similarly sized 0-1 mA meter.


73, Meir WF2U
Landrum, SC

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