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BSugarberg bsugarberg at CORE.COM
Sat Jul 2 17:50:21 EDT 2005


I have the following for sale:

Swan Cygnet 270B Transceiver, with original
manual, AC power cord, and a Shure 414A mic.
80M - 10M.  Built-in AC power supply.  Power
input per manual is SSB 260 watts, CW 180
watts, AM 65 watts.  Works good, looks good.
(This is NOT the typical junker Swan frequently
seen at many hamfests).  $175.00

German Farvimeter Radio Test Set.  A combination
RF signal generator and VTVM.  100 khz - 1700 khz,
and 6 mhz - 19 mhz.  100/400 khz modulation.
Output adjustable from 0.01 mv - 100 mv.  The
VTVM also measures capacity.  17.5" x 10" x 6.5".
1940s vintage?  Knobs are bakelite and wood.
220 VAC/50 Hz.  Not tested for that reason.
Physical condition is good.  $95.00

Johnson Signal Sentry.  "Performs four important
station functions:  Monitors CW signal, monitors
phone - checks audio quality, "on the air" indicator,
mutes receiver for "break-in".

"The Signal Sentry provides a pleasant monitoring
tone which follows the keyed signal of the transmitter.
It also demodulates and amplifies the signal on phone
for monitoring audio quality and checking carrier
distortion and hum.  CW tone is adjustable from the
front panel, and a separate audio volume control
permits adjusting the Signal Sentry volume independent
of the volume setting of the receiver.  Because it is
triggered directly by transmitter RF energy the unit
acts as an "on the air" indicator.  The Signal Sentry
is also designed to provide "break in" operation by
muting the receiver audio system when it is energized by
the transmitter RF." With copy of instructions. $ 35.00

Everything works.  All prices + shipping.  Payment via
PayPal or USPS Money Order.

73, Bruce WA8TNC

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