[Milsurplus] Tektronix AN/USM-281 Oscilloscope

Fred Olsen fwolsen at WI.RR.COM
Sun Jul 3 21:19:20 EDT 2005

David Hollander wrote:
> looking for info on the Tektronix OS-245P/U - AN/USM-281.

Dave, you surely must have had this answered by now but since I didn't 
see anything ...

The TB of the cal procedure is the only thing I know of on LOGSA.  If 
you need it the pin number is 048931.  Note that you don't want anything 
for the USM-281A; that's an HP scope.

The OS-245 is essentially a Tek 7603 (or a 7603N, without readout) 
typically with 7A15A (AM-6565/U) verticals and a 7B53A (TD-1085/U or 
TD-1159/U) timebase.  Unfortunately none of those are on BAMA yet.  If 
you wish I or another member could inquire on the TekScopes/Yahoo group 
for manuals.  The civilian manuals would go a long way to help but it's 
somewhat difficult to determine the serial number applicability when 
crossing between the mil and civ models.

The 7603 is a 100MHz conventional mainframe.  The 7A15A is a 
single-trace 80MHz vertical plug-in and the 7B53A is a dual timebase 
which will trigger to 100MHz.  There are of course other vertical amps 
around which will support the full BW of the mainframe.  The 7A15A is 
what the gummint bought.

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