Tektronix OS-245P/U

Bob Bruner WB4TAJ rabruner at AOL.COM
Mon Jul 4 10:01:28 EDT 2005

>>Hi...I am looking for any info on the Tektronix OS-245P/U scope which 
part of the AN/USM-281.

At one time, a whole passel of these scopes were sold by Fair Radio 
(they have a website), and they made copies of the manual available for 
people who bought the scopes from them.  This is a Tektronix 7503 
mainframe and the versions that Fair sold came with a 50 mHz or an 
80MHz vertical plug-in and a dual time base.  They included two 50 mHz 
probes and a direct probe, which store in the cover.  The frame will 
support two vertical plug-ins plus other optional modules, which are 
widely available from surplus dealers.

Fair used to want you to buy a product from them before they would sell 
you a manual, but I haven't dealt with them in a while and they may 
very well sell the manuals stand alone.  Otherwise, it should nto be 
too difficult to do a web search for a 7603 and for whatever modules 
this frame has and find the manuals from a manunal dealer.  The Fair 
Radio scopes were Air Force surplus I think and you could try searching 
for Air Force manual sites.

Bob Bruner

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