VHF / UHF receivers for trade

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jul 8 17:28:49 EDT 2005

I still have to get into my attic and bring them down.
 However, I have a Hewlett-Packard HP-417A
regenerative receiver that covers 10 MHz to 500 MHz in
several bands and the electroncis, power supply, and
antenna for the AN/URM-17 "test set" which covers 375
MHz to 1 GHz.

The HP-417A is a sensitive receiver that was actually
made to be used with other apparatus for taking
impedance measurements.  However, it is a very good
"stand alone" receiver.

The portions of the AN/ARM-17 that I have are
basically everything except for the carrying case. 
This consists of the IM-52/URM-17 "Radio
Interference-Field Intensity Meter" which is a "fancy
name" for a very good receiver that has the S-Meter
calibrated for r.f. intensity.  It covers 375 MHz to 1
GHz; the PP-530/URM-17 AC power supply (for 105-125
VAC / 210-250 VAC 60-1600 Hz); CADV-62480 power cable
(goes between power supply and unit); AT-255/URM-17
antenna (calibrated in MHz as reference for signal
strength); and the NAVSHIPS 91388 manual.  There was
an accessory tripod for mounting the antenna that was
"optional" and I do not have that.

Both are in very good condition although I do need to
get them down from my attic and clean off the dust.  I
will make sure that they are definitely operating
before completing any trades.

Basically I am interested in trades only.  I am
looking for a Heath SB-200 linear, Collins 30L-1
linear, Collins 75A1, or other "interesting" boat
anchor trades.  NO Swan except possibly for the 160-X
which was for 160 meters only (don't even "suggest"
any other Swan equipment).  I do not have to have
"pristine" equipment but do want it to work and the
front panel in good condition without any added holes.
 So long as the cabinet is intact I can repaint all
day long.

When I get them down (hopefully over the weekend) I
can take digital photos and will forward them by
E-Mail to anyone who requests them.

Glen, K9STH

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