Solid State Rectifiers

Brian Goldsmith brian.goldsmith at ECHO1.COM.AU
Thu Jun 23 02:28:55 EDT 2005

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From: Ron Pollack
It seems to me that I remember someone making plug in solid state rectifier
replacements for the 5R4G and 5U4G rectifiers.  I am using a Marauder, and
afraid of the rectifiers arcing and taking out the transformer.

Anyone know if these replacements are available?


Ron K2RP

***Don't know if they are available but you need to look for IR part numbers
1N1239 and 1N2631.You may have to add some series "R" to maintain the B+ at
its original value.

To the list,if anyone wants a scan of the IR four page data sheet "Solid
State Tube Replacements",just email me.

Brian Goldsmith.

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