Field Day Radios That Glow

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Field Day Radios That Glow

Send a spot to the packet cluster when you hear the slightly
chirpy CW signals from W1HIS on 80 and 40 meters during Field Day.  W1HIS
will be a reconstituted World War II vintage field wireless station with
100% WW II (June 1944) vintage radios and accessories, including two
Wireless Sets No. 19, a WS#18, WS#38, a human-powered and a gasoline-fueled
Mark V generator.  NO transistors, NO digital electronics, NO coax-fed
antennas, NO ferrite baluns, not even a computer for logging.  Even the
operators will be WW II vintage (born in 1943).  QTH: Cove Island Park, Long
Island Sound, City of Stamford, CT.  Set up by Headquarters Company, 1st
Canadian Parachute Battalion (Reenacted) to honor the veterans and educate
the public.

Tnx.  -Chuck, W1HIS

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