Tube CBs and 10m AM

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Wed Jun 29 06:32:22 EDT 2005

Steve and others,

Tube CBs are great for 10m AM, I agree.  The 10m AM activity is picking 
up now, whenever the band
is open; the summer Es season is here.

I purposely stocked some 7 MHz crystals that will multiply up onto the 
10m AM portion last year
and i have several of each of these available in either wire lead 
crystals or FT243 crystals.

* 7250 = 29,000 kHz
7252.5 = 29,010 kHz
7255 = 29,020 kHz
7260 = 29,040 kHz
7270 = 29,080 kHz
7273.3 = 29,093 kHz
7275 = 29,100 kHz
7285 = 29,140 kHz
7290 = 29,160 kHz
7293 = 29,172 kHz
7295 = 29,180 kHz

Steve, WD8DAS <*SBJohnston at> wrote:

Good points about tube CB being full of great parts and useful in pieces or 
whole.  Last weekend while househunting I came upon a neighborhood that was 
having the annual "Spring Cleaning" and on someone's curb among the debris I saw 
a tube-type CB - into my car it went.  It is a Lafayette Comstat 25A in good 
condition.  Upon closer inspection it seems to be the same chassis as the Robyn 
T123B I converted to 8 frequencies on 10m AM earlier this year.  So I've 
already got the schematic and manual and know some of its tricks.

Steve  WD8DAS

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