DX100B Restoration

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Wed Mar 2 03:37:21 EST 2005

MANY thanks for the tips, James. I will do exactly what you said, 
plus check the resistor values, and voltges, especially around the 
I have a dead xtal osc stage (12BY7) to look into and  a bunch of 
dirty rotary switches to clean.

I hate the warm-up drift and will likley go to an external solid state
VFO ( I have this neat Kenwood 8.2 MHz to 9.2 MHz FET affair)

Would you chaps think it better to re-do the coils and caps in the
KW VFO or would you heterodyne the signal to get where you 
wanted to go? Either one would require some new tuned circuits.

I was also considering using a cooling fan inside the DX100 to
move some air in the outward direction to make it run cooler and 
to help stabilize things.

I do NOT care about running mine on SSB!
I am just trying to glean from the experiences of others with their 
DX100s so thanks again, James!


73 - Brian, AF4K

On 2 Mar 2005 at 0:02, James M. Walker wrote:

> Hello Fellow heavy lifters,
> Lots of folks make mistakes when getting these DX-100s working. I
> would like to offer a few suggestions.
> First, take the unit out of the case, tilt it on one side and the
> front panel and take a look at the underside. First thing you are
> doing is, to check the quality of the wiring job, remember most of
> these units were kits! Just have a general look around, on two of the
> DX-100s I restored there were several connections that, were never
> soldered, (one in the power supply section). Make sure first that
> everything that is supposed to be soldered is. Next use the
> manual/schematic and check for mods done to the units.
> Note, the hinged door in the top of the grey cabinets, was a
> suggestion. Most of them were not done correctly. That is why the door
> doesn't stay closed or is hard to open.
> There is a heathkit modification for the DX-100 that converts it to
> the "B" model. Lots of rigs that had that mod, had it in only
> partially. The mod turns the 6146s into a linear amp stage for the
> SB-10 SSB adapter. If the mod wasn't done correctly, the rig never
> works right after that.
> Sure parts change value and caps dry out and change value, but most of
> the initial problems with restoring a DX-100 are easily attributed to
> bad soldering, modifications, weird modifications, and faulty
> assembly. Look, then look some more, you most likely will find the
> problems.
> Jim
> Note, at one time I owned (5) all worked (*) when they were purchased,
> I had to repair all 5, I currently own and will keep two, and they are
> great. 

Brian Carling wrote: 
> > On 28 Feb 2005 at 19:16, Joe Bento
> wrote: 
> > > Heath DX-100B (worked WELL 15 years ago - may need a
> complete 
> > overhaul now) 

> > Joe - I would love to discuss DX100
> restoration with you, or anyone else on the list that is interested.
> > > Mine works, and is in great shape - just needs a little TLC... 
> >
> 73 - Brian, AF4K

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