Taming reluctant chassis ground points

Ted Bruce kilocycles at YAHOO.COM
Wed Mar 16 14:50:29 EST 2005

Short of drilling out the rivets, you might look into
plating them with a metal that is ready to accept
solder.  I'm not a spokesman for the company or
anything, but Caswell Plating <www.caswellplating.com>
sells inexpensive kits for small plating jobs (or
large ones).  I bought their nickel plating kit, with
which you use a stainless steel wand, a piece of
gauze, and a DC power source (even 3 D batteries will
work).  I think it cost me less than $20 a couple of
years ago.  There is a lot of information on the site
about which metals and solutions to use for which
metals so as not to get into bimetallic corrosion

For example, on a copper chassis that is heavily
pitted, they recommend cleaning it up, applying solder
over the affected areas, smoothing it out, and
re-plating it with copper.  They also tell you how to
anodize aluminum and they have kits for that as well. 
Also, gold and silver plating kits that might be
useful for us hams.  It's worthwhile getting their
catalog, as well.  It is full of useful info.

Good luck,

Ted  KX4OM

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