WTB Books

Orrin Bentz minmar at 2Z.NET
Sun Mar 20 19:41:32 EST 2005

Hi Gang

I know I know I make this post about every six months thinking
maybe I can shake something loose. The list is very small now
having found most of the books I wanted for my collection.

Here are the ones I am still looking for.

"RF Design Guide: Systems, Circuits and Equations"; 1995, P. Vizmuller, 
Artec House
"Single Sideband, Principles & Practice"; Pappenfus, Bruene et al
"Signals & Systems"; 1987,Lathi B. P., Berkley-Cambridge Press
" Electronic Circuit Design"; 1987, Savant & Roden, Benjamin-Cummings
"Advanced Electronic Circuits"; 1978, Tieze & Schenk, Berlin; 

If you have any other books besides Terman, and The Radio Handbook I may be

Thank you

Orrin Bentz 

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