FS: Hallicrafters, National, Millen and Electrovoice Goodies and Test Equipment

David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Sat Mar 26 10:19:36 EST 2005

Here are a some items for sale.  Prices do not include shipping. I will 
ship overseas.

Hallicrafters SR-42.............$75 plus shipping
A separate transmitter receiver that puts out 5-6 watts and covers 
144-148 MHz. This is a crystal controlled radio that also has provisions 
for the HA-26 VFO It will probably will work with other VFO's with an 24 
MHz fundamental frequency. The transmitter uses 24 MHz crystals and 
includes two crystals for 145.14 MHz and 146.52 MHz. I used this for a 
while with the HA-26 VFO to check into our local 2 meter AM net. I 
recently obtained a Lafayette 2 Meter AM rig so this is surplus. The 
unit works well and has good audio. It does have some scratches and 
spots where the paint is missing.   Includes the microphone, power cord 
(often missing) and a photocopy of the manual.

National Type “B” Dial...........$35 plus shipping
This is the same dial as used on the National SW-3 receiver. This dial 
is in very nice condition. The Bakelite is shiny and the chrome is also 
shiny. Nice dial for a receiver or a home-brew VFO project.

Electro-Voice EV-621L Dynamic Desk Microphone..........$65 plus shipping
Low impedance desk mike. Tested and working, the mike is in nice shape 
with a few minor scuffs.

Hallicrafters SX-25 Receiver and Matching PM-23 Speaker.....$500 plus 
The SX-25 is a 12 tube receiver covering 540 kHz to 42 MHz in 4 bands. 
These were built in 1940. The PM-23 is the matching speaker which was 
also the matching speaker for the famous SX-28 and the SX-24. This radio 
also has a crystal filter which is signified by the letter "X" in the 
SX-25 number. The receiver has a pair of 6F6's for the audio output and 
this radio has wonderful audio when listening to short wave broadcast. 
This radio is in beautiful condition for a 65 year old receiver. It even 
has the Hallicrafters notification card still in place on the bottom of 
the radio. It plays well and sounds excellent with the matching speaker. 
The speaker is also in great shape however it has one tiny screw hole on 
the top of the cabinet near the back. This is barely noticeable. 
Includes a photocopy of the manual.

James Millen Frequency Meter Set I-129-(B) (Wavemeters).......$75 plus 
Military set of four James Millen wavemeters covering 1.5 to 40 MHz. 
This is the Signal Corps U.S. Army version and the box says manufactured 
by Munston Mfg. and Service.  The wavemeters were manufactured by James 
Millen. These are in excellent condition. The wooden carrying case has 
the callsign of a previous owner.  Here are the frequencies of each 
wavemeter: *Meter No. 1: 1.5-3.5 MHz, *Meter No. 2: 3.5 - 8 MHz, *Meter 
No. 3: 8 - 18 MHz, *Meter No. 4: 18 - 40 MHz

Hewlett Packard HP 651B Audio Test Oscillator .........$90 plus shipping
This is a highly stable capacitance tuned oscillator that will go from
10 Hz to 10 MHz so it can be used as an both an audio oscillator or low
frequency RF signal generator if you don't need to go above 10 MHz. It
has a sine wave output adjustable from 10 microvolts to 3.16 volts into
50 or 600 ohms with two separate outputs through the front panel
connectors. This is a working unit. Does not include a manual or power cord.

Military VTVM ME-260/U with RF Probe.................$55 plus shipping
Nice well built working military unit with RF probe.

Quantity of 2- Price Electric Relays..........$35 each plus shipping
These have N-connectors and are extremely well built. I believe they are 
VHF/UHF relays

Thanks for looking.

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