Measurements Corp (Boonton) Model 59 grid dip meter FS

Sat May 14 09:07:34 EDT 2005

For Sale:

I have a Measurements Corp. (Boonton) Model 59 meter 
available. I would call this a grid dip meter, but they call it 
a "Megacycle Meter."  It covers from 2 to 400 MHz.  It is
a vintage unit, likely from the 1930's.

Best information is to quote from
"One of the most popular Measurements instruments was 
the Model 59 Megacycle Meter. Basically a very high 
quality grid-dip meter, it could also serve as a VFO, 
an absorption wavemeter or as a tuned detector. 
Three models were available covering the frequency 
range of 100 kc to 940 mc. This particular unit, the 
Model 59 LF (100 kc to 4.5 mc), was packaged in 
a special carrying case and was Harry Houck's own."

To quote
"Boonton Radio Corporation was one of the most 
prestigious manufacturers of test equipment during the 
vacuum-tube era. It rivaled Hewlet-Packard in the care 
and precision of the designs. Unlike HP, Boonton sorta 
missed the solid-state revolution. Today, it is relatively 
difficult to obtain test equipment that works as well as 
the devices from Boonton. For a dip meter, one is better 
off to get a classic Model 59 Grid Dip Oscillator and find 
replacement tubes for it. Nothing matches the calibration 
accuracy and the signal strength of these classic units."

The manual is available at  

This particular unit includes all of the coils in a very nice
wooden (oak, I think) holder that attaches to the unit itself.

$90, plus shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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