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Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu May 19 07:24:40 EDT 2005

In case anyone was interested, I asked G3UUR about his ELECTRIC RADIO 
in the May 2005 issue. I asked him specifically what the method was that 
he used for measuring
crystal current...  Here is his reply:
= = =

Hi Bry!

Hope you find the article useful.  No, I didn't put in any details of how
the crystal current was measured, and that was deliberate.  I didn't want to
distract attention away from the central theme, which was to show how much
current a modern crystal could actually stand.  The details of the current
measuring device and its calibration would have taken several more pages,
and would have been too long for Ray to include with his existing planned
articles. If there is sufficient interest, I could write a separate article
on how to do it, so that others can check out their own pet crystal
oscillator circuits to see if they are over-stressing their crystals.
Perhaps you could keep your ear to the ground to see whether there is a need
for such an article in ER.

I think you'd regret swapping all those marvellous hamfests in Florida for
our one-and-only radio bootsale at Luton.  It wasn't that great this year,
but it's the best we've got over here!  I did pick up about 20 FT243
crystals between 3.1 and 3.4MHz for lapping and etching up to 80m.  They
were about 50 cents each.  I also found an LS3 speaker and a BC456B
modulator, both of which I've been after for several years.  There were no
big items that were worth buying.

Hope you're all well.



= = =

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