GB> 7290 kHz is hopping!

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat May 28 11:29:35 EDT 2005

Great job there Claude. I  had a very nice QSO with Jim also... then had 
to QRT and
do  some chores. Next weekend we will have a bigger group as hopefully 
Gary, WD4NKA,
Red KU4YP and Tracey (callsign?) are all threatening to get on there 
with us!!

Are there any other takers within an earshot of the southeast corner of 
the USA?

73 de AF4K

WB4WHH wrote:
 >>FB Bry...!!!!!

>>       I just called K4DEE in SC I could hear him very
fine.... I could not hear anyone else, but can hear
some carriers in the background. I called on CW with
the 6ag7/6L6, he answered me FB..!!!!...
       Listening and tuning,,,....
                            Claude WB4WHH

= = =

Brian Carling wrote:

> OK guys we are on there now!
> 7290 kHz AM this morning. It's alive with loud AM signals!
> Heard in the group on there now:
> WA4NJY - Bradenton, FL (Weak here)
> AF4K - Sanford, FL
> WA4BUE - Chesapeake, VA
> Join us if you can!
> Band is kind of long right now. I am not hearing the station in 
> Bradenton!
> Also, I have an intermittent  motoroboat QRM noise at times...
> But boy, when K4DEE is transmittting with that Johnson 500
> he blanks the frequency nicely!
> 73 - Bry, AF4K

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