OT: Antique Radio Console - Free & More

paul hendershott pjhend at AMERITECH.NET
Tue Nov 1 22:16:25 EST 2005

Hi Folks - 

I have a nice Majestic Model 92 1930 Console - FREE to whomever can
get here to pick it up. The cabinet is in fairly nice conditon. This
model has the two doors that swing open revealing the radio speaker
and controls. The top of the radio has loose and worn venier and
needs to be repaired. Other than that, the radio has very minor
nicks and wear marks that a spray toner could easily take care of.
Also, the knobs are missing but can be replaced from AES. The cord is frayed so I haven't plugged it in, but the radio appears complete. It is also heavier than the Sun,
which is why I am getting rid of it. Physically speaking I simply
can't move it to the basement to work on it myself so there it sits
in my front entryway. Guess my Console days are coming to an end! :-)

Also, to whomever shows up, I have lots of other radios, project radios, Heathkit items, and various parts I would be willing to part with cheap and many for Free including some Atwater Kent radios (not quite free). Thanks! Hope to hear from some of you!

I am located in LaGrange, IL about 15 minutes from Midway Airport.

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