Heathkit SB-201 Linear Amp questions

TChesek@Epix.Net tchesek at EPIX.NET
Thu Nov 3 12:59:52 EST 2005

I am in the process of returning an SB-201 to it's normal (or as close as normal) original state after someone had converted it for use on 11 meters. This amp is missing the RF shield and the filter that is mounted on the rear panel between the bandswitch input coils and the tube sockets. Does anyone know what the "filter" inside of the shield consists of? I really would like to get that shield/filter 100-1742, the missing top plate 205-438, and the rear wafer from the 63-01340 3 wafer bandswitch (or the whole bandswitch assembly).On eBay last week someone had the bandswitch assembly but pulled the auction down and hasn't responded to my message...therefore that is a dead end. Can anyone help with any of these items or have a basket case that they would part with (or part out)?


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