FS: Surplus Electromech Parts and Radio Miscellania...

Brian AF4K bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Wed Nov 16 21:33:46 EST 2005


Box of NINE (9) Selenium Rectifiers - various 
Some new, some used. One is new and still in the 
Radio Shack box! 
Will sell for $3.00 total, plus shipping.

E.F. Johnson Co. flexible coupling - NEW IN BOX. 
Made for joining two 1/4" shafts. Part number 104-
Dimensions 1.25" square X 1-3/16" deep. 
Shiny new condition, in the box. 
QTY 1 available for $6.00 plus shipping.

BOX of 80 FT241 Crystals, NEW 
Available for $20.00 plus shipping.

Solenoid Valve - 24V DC, actuator movement of 
about 7/16" throw.
Metal encased. Dimensions are 3-1/8" long by 1-
1/8" diameter. 
Like new condition. Will actuate on anything from 
12V DC to 28V DC. 
Very powerful electromagnet. 
QTY 1 available for $4.00 plus shipping.

U.S. Navy Surplus Accessories Case
CV-1973/UPM-70 for radio and test equipment 
accessories. Battelship Gray. 
Available for $16.00 plus shipping.

Reduction Drive / Knob Assembly - bakelite, 1930s.
Classic look for homebrew equipment. This includes 
a knob and would be used 
for a small receiver or VFO. Has 2:1 reduction 
Dial scale is numbered 0-100 through 180 degree of 
dial sweep. 
Black bakelite with 2" knob and 4" diameter skirt. 
Available for $10.00 plus shipping.

Pictures and details at:

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