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Sat Nov 19 09:50:11 EST 2005

Electronics Books For Sale:

Electrical Engineering Pocket Handbook
This is  a small book about 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches in
size.  It has about 80 pages of formulas, wire size 
charts, and a lot of information relating to motors,
wire size, ratings, etc., and also a lot of transformer
information, delta wye conversions, etc.  It also has
capacitor info and capacitor color code info.  Lots 
of other good info also.  Like new.  $7

Sam - 99 Electronic projects
First Edition - 1971 
Primarily simple devices using one or 2 transistors
or diodes for the project.  Easy to make items.  $ 5

GE SCR Manual, including Triacs and other Thyristors
Fifth edition - 1972
Almost 700 pages of detailed data, with much theory
included as well.  $12

Raychem Circuit Protection Databook
1996 - Includes resetable fuses, with much theory
included.  Also cross references, and detailed 
specs.  $ 7

Heathkit Electronics Learning Dictionary
Fifth edition - 1977
About 850 pages of detailed information
Schematic symbols included.  This book looks like
it was hardly ever used, but it also has a 32 page 
compendium added to the back of it and held on with 
duct tape.  It looks odd, but has very good info.  $10

Electronics for Everyone by Upton
Third edition - 1959 - 352 pages
A lot of theory, but it is all tubes, except for a couple of 
pages mentioning that the transistor exists.  $10

Radio Shack - Integrated Circuit Projects - Volume 2
Second edition - 1977
Fairly simple projects using ICs such as the 555.  $4

Radio Shack - Guide to VOM's and VTVM's
First Edition - 1975
Title says it all.  $5

Hobby Projects by International Rectifier
1969 - Transistors, SCRS, Zeners, ICs, Caps, Photocells,
and other circuits and theory.  $4

Uniden's Down to Earth Guide to Satellite Television
First Edition - 1984
A lot of practical info.  It primarily related to C band.  $4

All of these books are in very good shape, unless stated
otherwise.  Prices do not include shipping from Florida,
but "Media Mail" shipping is very inexpensive.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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