Morrow - What is it?

Richard Arland richard.arland at VERIZON.NET
Mon Nov 21 21:46:47 EST 2005


We used a CM-1 Conelrad Monitor by  Morrow at KCLX in Colfax, WA back in the mid '60s. We would tune up KHQ in Spokane, and when they dropped carrier either during a Conelrad test or for real (thank God that never happened), the CM-1 would trigger a relay and set off a buzzer. We would then power down our RF gear according the CD regulations. 

The box you have might possibly work with the CM-1, although I don't remember ever seeing one connected to the unit at KCLX.

Indicently I got a CM-1 at a hamfest two years ago for $10, restored it and it is now in the shack as my AM monitor for the local talk radio station, WILK. 

vy 73

Rich K7SZ

PS: Speaking of "Morrow" I have two of their mobile receivers and matching transmitters that I am getting ready too put on the block. U need some Morrow gear from the 1950s?

>I have a Morrow "Selecto"  box that I think has somethning to do with Conelrad.   It has a panel switch that says TALK, ALERT, and HOLD. Any ideas what it is?
>Joe k7mks
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