Xcellite Tool Source

Bob Lydon AB3L1 at AOL.COM
Sat Oct 1 14:43:12 EDT 2005

I wanted to share a good experience with a vender. They are Contact  
East/Jensen Tools in Woburn, Ma.
When I got a SP-600 here I wanted to get the front panel re-done. Getting  
down inside to loosen the Allen screws on the flex shafts became a little bit of 
 a challenge and I knew that an Allen set like my Xcellite Bristol 11 pc.set  
would be the ticket.
The regular suppliers that I would normally go to( N or M  ) couldn't fill my 
needs so luckily I found Contact East. Quick deal all of  the way.
The set I got was the 99PS40 
I have no personal interest in this company.
Bob AB3L

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