6m AM and 2m AM Activity

Perry Ballinger w8au at SSSNET.COM
Wed Oct 5 11:09:22 EDT 2005

At 09:20 AM 10/5/05, Brian AF4K wrote:
>144.450 MH zis the universal calling frequency for 2m AM.
>It must be because that works well with an 8025 kHz crystal
>in many rigs! They typically use a X18 multiplying scheme.

144.4 was the universal 2M calling freq. until the APRS
gang adopted 144.390 as their national freq.  Hence the
move up the band for AM.  We still use 144.4 here but get
the annoying buzz-saw "blaaap-blaaap" of FM packet bursts
on the outer edges of the wide receiver bandwidths.

Oh, well...

Perry   w8au 

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