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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Fri Oct 7 17:18:49 EDT 2005

If anyone wants to see why I stopped using UPS for
shipping things out almost 3 years ago, I can furnish
photos of a package of parts from Mouser that arrived
less than 30 minutes ago.  Mouser is about 50 miles
away and they ship only by UPS.  The condition of the
package is how well over 50% of the packages that I
receive by UPS come in.

Fortunately, it is very difficult to destroy the types
of parts that I buy from Mouser (get 2 or 3 shipments
a month) and Mouser usually packs pretty well. 
However, UPS does their best to destroy the packages
even though they are just traveling across the Dallas
/ Fort Worth Metroplex.

The Mesquite, Texas, UPS "hub" (the one for Dallas)
also vibrates boxes so bad that hardware comes loose,
parts (like resistors and capacitors) are moved from
their original locations, tubes are shaken from their
sockets, and so forth.

I will E-Mail a composite photo on request.

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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