Looking for MilComm Gear

Richard Arland richard.arland at VERIZON.NET
Tue Oct 11 21:17:52 EDT 2005

I'm jonesing and in dire need of a couple of pieces of "Green Gear" (not in any particular priority):

1. PRC-64 or Delco 5300 (prefered) HF CW Special Forces/CIA Spy Set 
2. PRC-10 Lo-Band VHF FM Set
3. TRC-77 or 77A 5W Xtal controlled HF CW Set
4. PRC-47 or PRC-70 or PRC-74 Man-Pak HF SSB/CW Set

Here's the ground rules: 

1. I'm NOT a collector
2. All the gear I obtain I restore and use: no exceptions
3. Therefore, I need gear that is in resonable condx that either works as is or I can get working with out intensive troubleshooting (not that I have anything against troubleshooting...its just that there are so many rigs and so little time!)
4. Please contact me off line, and state cosmetic and electrical condx along with any accessories/xtals/cables, etc that will accompany the unit, if any. 
5. I'm not independently wealthy, nor am I related to the Ewings of Southfork, nor have I recently won the Power Ball Lottery, so when deciding upon a price, please bear this in mind.  

Thanks for the bandwidth. Whatcha got?

NOTE: I also am open to trades and have some BA gear that I plan on liquidating so don't be bashful.


Rich K7SZ

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